The reproduction collection was inspired by vintage pieces made for deluxe European hotels, steam ship lines and fine restaurants.

The reproductions have the hefty weight and lively patina of the vintage pieces.

“We are proud of the reproduction’s handcrafted details that replicate the character of the originals.”

The collection has expanded to
include decorative accents- silver plated boxes, bookends, desk accessories that share the same qualities of timeless classic design.

Image of hotel silver Image of hotel silver Image of hotel silver Image of hotel silver

Special qualities of Hôtel reproductions:

  • The simple beauty of functional design
  • A rich durability
  • A lively, lush finish that accents a room

Range of products:

  • Tabletop
  • Bar
  • Decorative accessories

Hôtel has designed and manufactured reproduction collections for:

  • Martha Stewart – Martha by Mail Catalog
  • Ralph Lauren Home
  • Williams Sonoma Home